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Unfortunately, scenes such as the ones pictured here are all too common after one of Texas' fierce thunderstorms or the devastating hurricanes we experience. These type storms and other circumstances wreak havoc on our property at times! For instance, certain Pine Bark beetles can kill a tall, stately Pine in a few weeks, leaving it rotten and unstable. Trees sitting in flood water can suddenly just keel over from the water loosening dirt around shallow roots. Diseases can invade a tree and cause large hollowed-out sections inside. These are all not to mention the man-made disasters, such as wrongful tree cutting, vehicle accidents involving your trees, and more. If you can think it up, Tree Removal Houston has dealt with it successfully!

The very nature of an Emergency indicates it will usually occur unexpectedly and often at night. Don't Panic! Tree Removal Houston will be there when you need us in an Emergency situation!

In is even more imperative to have Tree Removal Houston at your place in a dangerous situation. If a storm has caused your damage, the conditions are highly unstable. Our crews can get in there with decades of hands-on expertise in this area, knowing where it is safe to venture to get a proper evaluation of the extent of damage-and to stabilize the situation to avoid any more damages or injuries.
Tree Removal Houston will then be able to make assessments such as: What condition is the tree(s) in? Are they able to be climbed? What is the proximity to other trees or structures? Will heavy equipment be necessary?
All of these factors are used to determine the risk factor of the job, the pricing, and the time needed to set matters straight and get your property safe again. Of course, the more dangerous a job is and the possible need for heavy equipment will affect the cost. However, our prices will still be the best ones to go with-you will agree after your Free Quote, we feel confident. Also,  the high level of quality work we will perform is priceless!
Call Tree Removal Houston when you've had an Emergency involving trees on your property. We'll get there promptly, make the area safe immediately, and get things on the road back to normal for you-at a cost that won't add to your trials!

In an Emergency, call

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Free Estimates

  • Pictured below are some typical functions associated with Tree Removal. During your initial Free Estimate, your Estimator will cover questions you may have such as:
  • What equipment will be necessary?
  • Would you like wood cut for fires?
  • Do you want stumps ground?
  • How long will the process take?
We won't start any work about you have all questions covered to your satisfaction and are happy with the overall price and time involved! As stated, Tree Removal Houston wants to be your lifetime Tree Care company and we will do all we can to earn your trust and satisfaction. Thank You!

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