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Hurricane Preparation
June 1 through November 30th-Hurricane season! We are all familiar with those dates-although most hurricanes occur during the months of August, September, and October. The strength of a hurricane is measured by the wind speed
  • Category 1- 74-95mph
  • Category 2-96-110mph
  • Category 3-111-130
  • Category 4-131-155mph
  • Category 5- 155+
A Hurricane Watch means hurricane conditions are possible in the next 36-48hrs.
A Hurricane Warning means to Expect hurricane conditions in the next 24-36 hrs.

If it appears that your area will definitely be hit by a hurricane, the majority of people have paid attention and made all advance preparations, such as; Evacuating or not and where to go-some even stay if evacuation is mandatory, but these ones are generally warned if circumstances get really bad, rescue workers have often lost their lives trying to save stranded ones. It's much more responsible to go if authorities are mandating it. After all, it is to save lives these orders are issued.

As a rule, most people take necessary precautions and have emergency supplies ready, gas tanks filled, if staying at home in a "smaller" hurricane plans are made and practiced, a safe room is designated, and water, food, batteries, etc. are stocked.
Those who have to or elect to leave take what precautions are possible by removing any objects from the yard that can blow, covering windows, taking important and valuable items, pets, etc., with them. Videoing your property and possessions is also a good measure. Be sure even before hurricane season begins that you have adequate insurance that will actually cover wind and water damage from this type of weather.
Another positive step you can take to protect your property is have Tree Removal Houston on a regular maintenance schedule to keep your trees free of weak, sickly, diseased, or damaged limbs and branches. When you have these weak limbs, it's a given that they will become projectiles once the heavy winds start. Regular trimming, shaping, pruning of trees is a great prevention method to decrease significantly the damage your home and property may suffer. Well-trimmed trees professionally done are cut and shaped in ways that allow wind to move freely through the branches, not continually buffet them. This reduces the breakage and resulting damage.
Tree Removal Houston will also have our Arborist assess any trees on your property that may be very sickly , dead, or dying. They should be removed well before any storm comes along. A healthy, strong, well-maintained tree stands a much better chance of resisting hurricane winds.
Of course, lives are what really matters. You can have the peace of mind knowing that you have acted responsibly and did all in your power to ensure your home is as safe as possible-for your family and neighboring families as well. Thank You.

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is especially appropriate during hurricane season. Keep your property ready and at its healthiest .Tree Removal Houston will take those dying trees out and scale down healthy ones. All for our budget-conscious prices and skilled, dedicated quality of work! Remember, we also perform awesome cleanup after the storm. Be safe and prepared! Thank you!
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