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Have you ever seen an immense oak just completely uprooted after a fierce thunderstorm or hurricane? Chances are if you've live in Texas you have. It's almost unimaginable how such majestic. mature trees which have been a staple in a neighborhood for generations is now just lying over with its' roots exposed and branches broken all around it!
Oak trees have a root system that is very shallow-but long. Its roots may cover over at least your entire yard. They can and certainly do last for generations, but with the right or (wrong) storm conditions, that tree can be uprooted. The taproot of Oaks are very shallow which translates to in sustained, strong winds coming from shifting directions, hitting that tree just often enough and strong enough, it will eventually get knocked over from the ground up.
Oaks are also susceptible to many types of rot, mildew, diseases, and insects-especially if they have been neglected as far as regular maintenance.

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Oak Trees taken over by Oak Wilt disease.Tree Removal Houston can affordably and efficiently remove these damaged trees. We are also able to provide trees from farms and the best nurseries to start a fresh new look for your yard-in whatever size you like. A young sapling to watch it grow or a more mature, fuller tree.
Like any tree species, Oaks are very prone to disease and insect infestations if not properly cared for. If you have trees needing removed, Tree Removal Houston will do that safely and in your budget. We offer full range of Tree Spraying, Fertilization, And Maintenance to care for trees you still have!

It can be upsetting to  lose a tree that you have enjoyed. New Landscaping features, however, can provide new lovely places to enjoy!
You may choose another Oak tree ,or another tree type entirely. There are literally endless possibilities!
Texas has a tremendous selection of beautiful Crape Myrtles that are ideally suited to our climate. With interesting bark and fall color foliage, their gorgeous blooms are not the only attraction. Also, Magnolias are a favorite here and are available in colors besides white, which is still beloved by most Texans. These trees are lovely year-round and fast-growing in many varieties.There are many, many others to choose from.
If you have lost a tree, perhaps consider adding a wonderful Texas fruit tree-like the Peach pictured above. Not only are they beautiful, especially  in spring, summer, and fall, but yield a delicious crop for snacking and baking! Pears, Oranges, and of course Pecans and Figs-the nut and citrus selections are numerous.
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