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Tree Removal Houston is a fully insured Tree Service company serving most of southeast Texas. We specialize in tree cutting, tree trimming, tree spraying & fertilization, pruning, lot clearing & debris removal, any service you require. For the past 40+ years we have built and maintained a sterling reputation with our countless clients, of which we are extremely proud. Commercial and Residential folks alike have repeatedly used our company for all their tree care and landscaping needs. They have come to depend and trust us for the highest quality work, fair and affordable pricing, and their complete satisfaction. Also, they trust us and you will too for the extreme care and caution we use as we work on your property-avoiding any damage to your trees or lawn. We are passionate and dedicated about turning your yard into a beautiful, peaceful retreat from the stresses of life. From small beginnings to the yard of your dreams, Tree Removal Houston has what you need every step of the way!
At Tree Removal Houston we get as excited about your landscaping plans as you do! We treat each job, whether it is a small cozy yard, or several acres needing attention, as if it were our own giving you the best every time. Our goal is to keep our customers for life-and we find that excelling work, dependability, and outstanding customer service-along with fair and budget-conscious prices- keeps are clients using our company for all their Tree/Landscaping needs.
Tree Removal Houston will give your existing trees the fertilizing, spraying, and other methods of disease and insect protection they require. If you are wanting to add trees to your property then Congratulations! Tree planting is a great idea on many levels. Here are just some of the benefits of Planting Trees:
  • Trees make homes and neighborhoods healthier and more appealing
  • Trees add amazing colors and textures to your yard all year long
  • A tree can substantially increase the value of your home-care for them!
  • Trees provide energy savings-which benefit everyone. Studies have proven shade from mature trees can reduce air conditioning costs 15-35%!
  • In several ways, trees help save you money and the earth precious resources.
  • And vice versa trees absorb and deflect much of the cold winter winds that would be creeping through your house-increasing heating costs.
  • Trees provide an endless array of bird life, songs, and interest-watching them can be very educational and entertaining!
  • Whatever your personal reasons are-it's always a wise choice to plant trees as a family and monitor their growth as your family grows as well. So many childhood memories of happy times involve trees, climbing, reading up high, enjoying fruit...Plant Trees!
Tree Removal Houston does so much more than remove trees, as you will notice throughout our site. We have access to the very healthiest trees at nurseries with high standards like ours. Incredible varieties-many lovely tropical palms, fruit and nut trees, fragrant, flowering varieties-it will be a tough choice! We can also procure trees in different sizes-from young saplings-to more mature, larger trees for a more immediate impact. We are also highly skilled in the transplanting of trees-whatever the size.
We look forward to enabling you to have the gorgeous landscape that will add so much to your home. Tree Removal Houston stands ready to discuss with you at your Free Estimate what your needs and desires for your property are. You will get expert, sound guidance from our Arborists and Certified Tree Care Crews.
We are confident you will be pleased with our prices and the high quality of work we do. Call Tree Removal Houston Today! Make this spring the birth of a gorgeous, serene "retreat" with landscaping you and your family will savor for generations! Thank you.

Tree Removal Houston
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