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Tree Removal Houston is the legal, insured and affordable tree cutting service you can rely on (7) days a week, (24) hours a day! Call Today for your certified sales team member to assist you with a tree extraction quote or cutting of any trees, branches or limbs.
If an extraction of a tree is necessary, your Estimator will determine How best the tree should be remove. Factors he will consider are:
  • What condition is the tree in? (Can it be climbed. for example?)
  • What is the proximity to other trees or structures?
  • How large is the tree-height and width?
These and other conditions will help the estimator determine if the tree can be removed with or without heavy equipment, which, of course will affect the cost. We value your business and our workers immeasurably and won't put your property or our workers in any danger. If a crane or bucket truck is needed, you will still be pleased with the reasonableness of our prices, we feel confident.
If the tree can be removed without heavy equipment usually it is not very large and has plenty of space around it for our Arborist and Certified tree workers to be able to move freely and climb safely. The tree cutter will ascend the tree, removing some branches as he goes up. Once he reaches the top and removes all branches there, he will then descend the tree, removing remaining limbs as he goes. Within a few feet of the ground, he will fell the rest of the tree. It can be decided during your Free Estimate if you want any firewood prepared, stumps ground or removed, or any other service you may want.

Tree Removal is by far the most dangerous aspect of Tree Service. Many people are injured or even worse each year by attempting to cut and remove large, dead, unwieldy branches, or even entire trees themselves! Never try this procedure yourself or entrust the job to any guy with a chainsaw! You need a team of careful, safety-conscious Tree Cutters and Removers who have years experience at this cumbersome, difficult task-Tree Removal Houston!
Free Estimates!
Some trees you have need of removing may be in the way of coming construction. The Free Estimate we offer is very beneficial because at no charge you will be able to see all aspects required in writing. No work commences until you are satisfied and understand all aspects of the Removal and have signed the contract with all services clearly explained and you decide the level of services.

Through the site, there are pages discussing Oak, Pine, Dead Tree Removal, Emergency Removal. Tree Removal Houston can safely remove Any type tree from your property. We specialize in Pines, Oaks, Maple, Elms, Hackberry, Sweet Gum, Birch, Cedars, Talas. the list goes on. If it is a tree growing in Texas we can trim it, transplant it, treat it, enhance it, or remove it if necessary. Don't delay-call Tree Removal Houston before those trees cause injury or damage!

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