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Tree Removal Houston offers a full spectrum of services. This page covers Trimming, Pruning, and Thinning. These processes have similarities, but are done with distinct differences. These are crucial processes to keep your trees healthy, free of "clutter", and able to grow beneficially. Reasons for keeping your trees in shape consist of:

Safety- Limbs and branches that are dying or broken pose a real threat of damage to property, or worse, injury to you, family members, or anyone visiting. You just never know when those cumbersome branches will fall and come plunging to the ground. Branches also can obstruct a driver's view, or become tangled in utility lines-both very unsafe conditions. Keeping trees neatly trimmed is an ounce of prevention that will help you avoid costly "cures".
Health-Removing particular branches , small "sucker" growth, and select clipping of branch tips-This is Pruning-will greatly improve your tree's health. Insects and diseases are much less prone to be interested in a healthy, well-maintained trees.

Visually Pleasing - A tree around homes are best when not allowed to grow unrestrained. In fact, the spreading of large branches into neighbor's yards has caused many unpleasant issues. Well-maintained trees with a graceful, maintained shape are always beautiful and non-invasive!.

Tree Trimming is done to remove or shorten certain limbs and branches. This is not random, but a very exact science involving knowledge which branches to target, how much to trim, and where. If a tree has been trimmed in a wrong manner, the natural growth of the tree can be affected for years, or often ends up killing the tree. Never trust your valuable trees to a lesser, indifferent company. Tree Removal Houston knows there is a deluge of Internet advertising out there. We want you to feel confident you have selected the Right company for your needs. In fact word-of-mouth is the main way our business has thrived through the decades! Our impeccable reputation with our Residential and Commercial clients for excelling work and great prices is a source of great pride to us and so we always strive to maintain and surpass our excellent work quality and ethics.

Tree Thinning removes branches near the top of a tree-Never "topping" it. This process is performed to remove weight around the treetop. The benefits of this are the tree is now better to withstand high winds-the winds blow through rather than against giving the branches greater prospects of not breaking-this also improves the tree canopy.

Pruning, is the removal of smaller branches and sucker sprouts. They are pruned away throughout the tree-resulting in healthier, targeted growth of the strongest branches. Pruning is often done on fruit and citrus trees. This provides better, more bountiful yields of fruits.
Our goal at Tree Removal Houston is to keep trees thriving with precise care and treatment, or, when necessary, remove the tree so damage doesn't spread to other trees.. We do all these with the utmost respect for your Property, Home, and Budget. Call us Today with your Tree Trimming questions. Your Free Estimate will be scheduled and you'll be on the way to the gorgeous, healthy trees you've always wanted! Thank You.

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